CodePorting.Native Cs2Cpp 19.6 Supports Injection of C++ Code in C# Source Code

Hello! New version CodePorting.Native Cs2Cpp 19.6 is here. We are glad to introduce new release; it includes a new feature to inject C++ code in C# source code for porting along with many other important fixes. It makes CodePorting.Native Cs2Cpp more stable and reliable choice of developers to port their C# projects to C++.

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What’s New

C++ Code Injection

When you port your C# project to C++ code base, there are scenarios when you need to add some additional C++ code in ported code. If the code porting, is one-time task then you may add it manually into the ported code. However, if the code porting is recurring task, e.g. to release same versions of software for both languages, then you can automate the C++ code injection with CodePorting.Native Cs2Cpp porter as well. The new version introduces a new feature for the purpose. You can use any of the following options to add C++ code in your C# code. Please check documentation for more details.

  • Definition Replacement
  • Code Line Injection

Improvements and Fixes

These are other notable new improvements and fixes introduced in this regular monthly release:

  • Remaining warnings produced by library headers and ported code are fixed for clang and GCC compilers
  • Legacy ‘csPorter.Cpp.API’ and ‘CodePorting.Native.CsToCpp’ Nuget packages are dropped. No new versions of these will be planned
  • Floating point numbers rounding issues are fixed for some cases of values rendering
  • Missing ‘override’ keywords are placed around in library headers
  • CollectionAssert.AreEqual and CollectionAssert.AreNotEqual methods are suppported when porting NUnit tests
  • ‘gb2312’ codepage decoding is fixed
  • Issue is fixed with weak pointers’ assignment operator if the object being assigned to it has same address that the previous (deleted) one had
  • Translation of structure initialization with list of named expressions is fixed
  • FontFamily lookup is made case-insensitive, same as in .Net
  • Porter-generated comments are fixed when translating ‘using’ statement

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