Support of Networking in csPorter for C++ 19.1

We are glad to announce csPorter for C++ 19.1 release. We have introduced the support of networking in this release along with some other important improvements and fixes. Please check the release notes, in order to get an idea about what is new and what has been enhanced or fixed with this revision of csPorter for C++.

Improvements and Fixes

These are the new features included in this regular monthly release:
  • Networking functionality is added into System::Net namespace
  • aspose_cpp library is switched to explicit exports. Internal members are no longer exported
  • Aliasing constructor is supported by SmartPtr class
  • Equals method overloads ambiguity is fixed when methods with different parameter names are added
  • Assertion faults now break whole test instead of current function only which caused inconsistency between C# and C++ behavior
  • MinGW 7.1 compiler is no longer supported
  • CppConstexpr attribute is fixed to work properly on generic class members
  • Missing include fixed when generating code using System::MakeObject() function but not referencing System::Array type
  • Issue with events declared in interfaces is fixed. Previously, duplicated code is being generated
  • Issue translating implicit casts when assigning to properties is fixed
  • Issue translating static events is fixed
  • gtest supported version is upgraded to #9ab640c
  • BitArray to null comparison translation is fixed
  • Inheritance from IDictionary<TKey,TValue> interface is now translated properly
  • 4-argument version of String.Concat() is supported
  • String::EndsWith() behavior is fixed for zero length substrings lookup
  • Queue and Stack containers now support CppWeakPtr(0) attribute to keep contained pointers weak
  • StringBuilder class now works with null objects properly
  • CppSkipDefinition attribute now works properly with destructors
  • A error is fixed for partial class porting when another class is present in the same file
  • Environment::GetFolderPath() is implemented on Windows


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