csPorter for C++ 18.12 Maintenance Release

We are pleased to announce csPorter for C++ 18.12 monthly release. Mainly, it is a maintenance release. In this release, we have fixed issues reported in previous versions of csPorter for C++. Please check the release notes in order to get an idea about what is new and what has been enhanced or fixed with this revision of csPorter for C++.

Improvements and Fixes

These are the new features included in this regular monthly release:

  • original_tests_names option is added to disable prefixing tests names with categories names.
  • force_include_enum option is added to enabling adding ‘#include’ directives for enums instead of generating forward declarations in all cases.
  • Region::IsVisible(PointF) method is implemented.
    PointF point(22.5, 90.2);
    bool visible = myRegion.IsVisible(point);
  • Tests stub file (list of tests in ported project) is now sorted by test name.
  • The problem is fixed for ‘finally’ block operating on variables that have already been freed by ‘return’ statement (moving constructor optimization issue).
  • System::Convert::FromBase64String() now throws exception of correct FormatException type on input of unexpected format.
  • DateTime constructors now throw valid ArgumentOutOfRangeException exceptions on out-of-range dates or months being passed to them.
  • Callstack print of SmartPtr class destructor was ligtened by 1/3.
  • Messages of NotImplementedException, NotSupportedException and CultureNotFoundException are fixed to match .NET ones.
  • Order of constexpr fields in output files is fixed to avoid initialization fiasco.
  • A bug is fixed blocking some messages from reaching porter.log.
  • Messages for config errors now include file, line and position information.
  • A bug is fixed in porter generating ‘gtest not found’ errors if current directory was not ‘bin/porter’.
  • TEST_F macros in output files are now placed near the test methods they call to make debug easier


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