Launching csPorter for C++ – A Tool for Auto Porting of C# Projects to C++

Code porting has become very popular and high demanding among the Software development community to present their solution for multiple platforms. The csPorter team is going to reveal a smart code porting tool, csPorter for C++. It is an application which automatically ports C# projects to C++ with high accuracy. It saves hundreds of development hours and money that helps to release the same version of the software for different platforms. It converts C# codebase to C++ in such a way that it can be used by C++ developers in the same way as if it was originally developed in this language. This product has already been extensively used to port many .NET Products to C++ codebase. The csPorter for C++ provides complete documentation, working examples and free support so that developers can learn it quickly and use with ease.

csPorter for C++

The main goal of the csPorter for C++ is to port an existing enterprise level C# project to C++ libraries automatically. The input for the csPorter for C++ is a C# project and a configuration file that contains options governing different aspects of the conversion process. Its output is a set of .cpp and .h files and a set of Cmake configuration files which can be used to generate project files and makefiles and build the sources for one of the supported platforms/compilers. It is designed to keep the memory footprint as small as reasonably possible. For this purpose a .NET to C++ API bridging library is distributed with the ported C++ Project. The ported C++ code relies on the bridging library that provides .NET-like APIs for C++ and follows the same design principles regarding speed and memory usage. Following are some key features of the csPorter for C++:
  • Source code to source code
  • API preservation
  • Type system reproduction
  • Memory management model
  • Porting control
  • Support library
  • Typemap
  • Ported code overriding
  • Satisfying External Dependencies
  • UnitTests Porting

How It Works?

The csPorter for C++ provides two different options to port C# code into equivalent C++ code. You just need to download latest release of the csPorter for C++ and use any option of your choice. 

Initial Release Availability

We are currently working on finalizing the csPorter for C++ release process and intend to share this publicly soon. So, stay tuned for further news about this upcoming porting application. You can reach us on csPorter forum for your queries related to the product and we will be more than happy to assist you in this regard.